Our Activities

Our Activities

Stage Exposure Activity at La Crème

Preschool days are the most important phase for a child’s emotional development, it’s when the Child builds his/her confidence, self esteem and creative expression. To help our children excel in Life skills, we organize regular activities where our prideens across branches come together and Mesmerize everyone with their confidence and charisma. Stage exposure bolsters children's creative Expression, self-esteem and interpretation skills – all of which can go a long way in empowering them.

Drawing & Colouring

Every child has a creative world inside him. We help your child explore that world through art. They simply love playing with textures and materials as well as putting together and taking apart objects to create something unique, something new. It provides a new set of skills for self-expression, communication and endless amazement for the children. Craft work enhances their creativity, contributes to the pre-writing skills and develops grasping power among the children as they hold colours, cut patterns and draw shapes.

Dance Classes

We have a air conditioned, spacious, illuminated with natural light, Dance Room with the high quality Music System. It has been designed with care to ensure the safety of children. The design of the Dance Room features a large wall mirror ,making it an ideal space for dance related activities.

Enjoy and Learn

Gaming activities are most important for further development among the children. The daily routines and rules helps your kids become a disciplined and focus on enhancing many other life skills. However, introducing time for fun and play can make their day more balanced. During Enjoy and Learn, a child can enjoy and learn at his own pace. The swings, slides, see-saw and little monkey bars also fosters physical development, enables independence and enhances their decision making, collaborative play & gross motors skills.

Yoga Classes

The La Crème Start a Yoga concept as a teaching concept and was awarded the 1st prize in the Best Practices school, category from the Early Childhood Association in 2017. The main aim of our Yoga concept is to combine the joys of listening to wonderful stories with moral values, while enacting the same through simple stretching exercises. This ensures the perfect all-round growth of the child’s body and mind.